RENTECH SYSTEMS provides solutions to clients in the areas of Solar Energy, LED, Facade Lighting and Energy Monitoring. Our systems are integrated using high quality components procured through our worldwide network. Our in house engineering team guarantees that our systems are designed and integrated in according to international compliance standards. Although RENTECH SYSTEMS was established in 2010, we were able to deliver our systems to high caliber clients seeking top quality systems.

    At Rentech, We understand that engineering is rather a holistic service. Sustainability needs to be addressed through engineered solutions. Rentech provides engineering systems by integrating various technologies offering complete solutions, We continuously work hard to provide efficient , effective and robust solutions.


    Solar Energy Systems

    Certified by the North American Board for Certified Energy Practitione rs, RENTECH Systems designs, supplies and installs solar photovoltaic systems. The potential of integrating our systems with LED, CCTV, Telecom brings about a lot of advantages to our clients. Our solar LED streetlights have been specifically designed for hot climate and comply with the 2008 National Electric Code.





    Our in house engineering team design lighting systems using energy efficient technology. Through our high efficacy LED products, we are able to optimize the lux distribution in any indoor or outdoor space. Every light fitting is quality tested before the installation. We offer lighting design and consultation for indoor space such as hotels, offices, airports, shopping malls, warehouses, and high end residential applications. We also offer vandal proof and ATEX rated LED units that are used for prison cells or potentially explosive environments.

    Facade Lighting

    We also offer Facade Lighting design, consultation, supply and installation supervision. All our systems are warranted for a minimum of 3 years. Our major clients are 5 star hotels and high rise residential and commercial towers.

    Energy Monitoring

    We only use certified low energy consupmtion lights. This is why we also offer our clients with energy monitoring devices and offer complimentary energy consultancy. Our electricity monitors can show Facility Managers or home owners the instantaneous electricity consuption, CO2 emission reduction and other parameters via our wireless technology that could also be monitored via a license free web platform.